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A standard, rigorous and orderly testing procedure is the best guarantee for product quality.


Jiaozuo Zhonghai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

       Jiaozuo Zhonghai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of the former National Machinery Industry Department. It is a professional manufacturer integrating development, development and production. It has now passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, national EX coal safety certification, European CE certification, and foreign trade operators record registration. The company has strong economic strength, scientific management level, advanced production equipment, exquisite technical team, perfect technology and equipment, strict inspection means and good after-sales service. The products are well sold all over the country, for the long year for China CITIC Machinery Group Luoyang mining machinery plant export products matching, the national key project Xiaolangdi Dam gate open and close supporting business has been identified by foreign experts. We serve dozens of large enterprises and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, involving mines, machinery, metallurgy, lifting, electricity, railways, water conservancy, ports, wharves and chemical industries.

  The main products of our company are: failure protection disc brakes, arm disc brakes, clamp disc brakes, drum brakes, electric power hydraulic propeller, wind brake and so on. In addition, according to user requirements, we design and produce derivative and non-standard series products for customers to choose widely.

  The quality of products runs through the whole production process. Strict control of product quality is the responsibility of an enterprise to its customers and the foundation of its own brand. It is also the root of the firm's steady development. A standard, rigorous and orderly testing procedure is the best guarantee for product quality.

  Market competition in the new century is bound to be brand competition. We must make strong heavy industry brand with excellent quality and excellent corporate culture. Actively participating in market competition, heavy industry company is determined to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of enterprises. With the spirit of "self confidence and striving for excellence", we will implement first-class management, produce first-class products, provide first-class services and create first-class performance. The heavy industry has gone through an extraordinary journey. The experience of many years has told us that enterprises must be able to get stronger and bigger from the market. We must consistently adhere to the brand based on integrity, management and quality. Only in this way can the heavy industry company establish its dominant position in the market, and through its unremitting efforts, it will develop into a first-class enterprise in China. The core advantage of the heavy industry company is to build a system of management platform, and through the establishment of advanced management mechanism, the goal of institutionalization, refinement and standardization of management is constantly realized.

  Our company is an advanced unit of Jiaozuo's "heavy contract and credit standing". Jiaozuo "quality trustworthy" unit.

  Heavy industry company sincerely hopes that friends from all walks of life will receive the support and support from all walks of life. Warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to come to our company to jointly develop and create a better tomorrow for China's braking business.

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